Fluted or embossed foiling for added impact

Ever thought how can I add a bit of wow factor or do something different with my print work to make it stand out? An often overlooked effect is the use of fluted or embossed foiling – gives texture and reflection in an otherwise flat world.

In recent years we have over used spot uv and soft touch laminate to the max that it is now everywhere and people are asking for alternatives and this is an old craft that has been vastly underused for years.

At Blunt this is one of the areas that we want to not only specialise in but push and experiment with to create memorable print that people will be pulling out of their archives as mini works of art for years to come.

It is achieved by creating a die and counter like you would for a blind embossing job – but in a way that allows the foil and emboss to be created simultaneously, creating a multi level image rather than just a single level emboss.



Angle shot to show the texture of the emboss